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    Public Announcement on Recruiting of

    Global Pharmaceutical Experts


    Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) is a government-affiliated institution which provides professional and systematic support to develop domestic health industry and enhance health services since its establishment in 1999. As the nation’s only one organization in responsible for fostering health industry, KHIDI has been playing a major role in the industry development in fields of health services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beauty-cosmetic.

    KHIDI is looking for “Global Pharmaceutical Experts” who can provide training and consulting services to Korean pharmaceutical companies for new drug development and global commercialization.

    1. Job Description

    Global Pharmaceutical Experts share their knowledge and provide advice to Korean pharmaceutical companies as KHIDI executive consultants in the fields of pharmaceutical Research and Development (R&D) planning, clinical trial, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Regulatory Affairs (RA), Technical Marketing, and Project Management (PM).

          Consulting Fields





    • Ÿ  Consultation on drug candidate selection, pre-clinical trial, pipeline valuation, data output analysis

    Clinical Trial

    • Ÿ  Consultation on pre-clinical and clinical trial data analysis, protocol design, etc.


    (Good Manufacturing Practice)

    • Ÿ  Consultation on a construction of new pharmaceutical plants, GMP audit from foreign regulatory authority, software validation and documentation

    Regulatory Affairs


    Ÿ  Registration and pricing of new drugs, IMDs, biosimilars and generics at multinational pharmaceutical company or FDA

    Ÿ  Consultation on WHO PQ process (ex. Work experience in USP)

    possible to be located at the KHIDI U.S office

    Technical Marketing

    Ÿ  Consultation on global marketing strategy and practice, especially on product/technology licensing-out, alliance building and management, product registration, and business model formation.

    Project Management


    Ÿ  Consultation throughout pharmaceutical value chains which involve the entire process from drug discovery, development, clinical trial, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and marketing


    Ø  The applicant should have at least 10 years (20 or more years preferable) of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, such as employment at multinational companies, national regulatory agencies, major consulting firms, higher educational institutions, and research organizations.

         Experts in Regulatory affair(RA), Technical Marketing or Project Management(PM) are preferred this year.

         Terms of Employment

    Ø  A Global Pharmaceutical Expert is a full-time employee of KHIDI during the period specified on the contract.

    Ø  The beginning and end dates of the employment are negotiable between an applicant and the KHIDI team.

    Ø  The minimum length of each employment is three months.

    Ø  Due to KHIDI annual budget management system, all employment contract ends in December 31st, 2019; however, the contract will be renewed in the subsequent year. 


    Ø   Salary commensurate with work experience.

         The before-tax monthly salary ranges from KRW10.5 million (USD 9,500) ~ KRW20.5 million (USD18,500).

         Personal expenses such as travel, housing, moving, etc., are not covered by KHIDI.

    2. Selection Criteria and Hiring Process

          Selection Criteria

    Ø  A comprehensive assessment on the candidate’s expertise, integrity, and the job commitment will be performed based on the contents of application package and the interview result.





    Academic background

    - degrees(Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, etc.,), diplomas, relevant certificates

    Fitness to the recruiting field

    Professional background

      - experience in a national regulatory agency, university, research institution, multinational/local company preferred

    Major accomplishment in recent five years

    • - Project, patent registration, paper publication, certification, award, etc.



    Ability to faithfully perform assigned tasks

    Willingness to perform assigned tasks



    Degree of commitment for a KHIDI Global Pharmaceutical Expert position

    Knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry

    Availability for long-term employment

          Hiring Process

    Ø  After an applicant submits a complete application package, only the qualified applicant will be contacted to set up the time for an interview. An applicant can request a video interview if he/she is located outside of Korea.

         If material omission or misrepresentation of the applicant’s qualification is discovered, the applicant will be disqualified from the hiring process at any point.

    Ø   February 18th~March 28th : Application package submission

    April 11th : Video Interview

    ~April 31st : Contract finalization for the qualified applicant

         Schedule is subject to change. An applicant is personally notified of the result.

    3. Application Package

       Cover letter (1~2 pages, It is necessary to state clearly the intent of the application.)

       Consultant Application Form A~D

       Curriculum Vitae

       Certificate(s) of degree

       Proof of employment  

       Proof of payment(pay slips) from recent three months

       Other supporting documents

         Awards in relevant field, if applicable

         Any documents that can be used verify facts from other parts of the application package

    4. How to Apply

         The complete application package must be submitted by E-mail only.

         Application deadline: 11:59 PM (Korea local time), March. 28th, 2018

         Submitted documents shall not be returned and not be used for other purposes than hiring process. These documents are treated under rules and regulations by the Personal Information Protection Law in Korea.

    Ø  KHIDI (Korea): Jung, Hyunhee (


    Ø  Pharma & Bio-Pharma Global Team, KHIDI

    KHIDI (Korea): Baek, Min Seon ☎+82-43-710-0024, E-mail :

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