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  • May 27, 2019 11:28 AM
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    Scientist, Cancer Biology (Daejeon)

    Company Overview

    Orum Therapeutics is a private biotech company located in Daejeon, Korea and Cambridge, Massachusetts. At Orum, we are dedicated to developing a novel class of therapeutic antibodies to bring new medicines to patients with unmet medical needs by leveraging our unique cell-penetrating antibody platform inhibit intracellular protein drug targets that are considered undruggable by small molecule or current antibody therapeutics. Our platform is based on human IgG format with familiar manufacturing and comparable PK profiles seen for existing IgG therapeutic antibodies, and is adaptable allowing for any therapeutic antibody to enter the cytosol, thereby providing cell/tissue specificity by binding to target cell/tissue-specific surface receptors for internalization.


    We are looking for a Cancer Biologist who has a strong background in cancer biology, fueled with a passion for leading high-impact projects in the field of innovative anti-cancer drug discovery and development. You will be in charge of conducting literature review and bench-based research for identifying final candidate antibodies, such as mechanism studies, development of in vitro assay methods, antibody evaluation, and selection of candidate antibody through in vitro and in vivo effectiveness studies. Your research will also entail studying the mechanism and efficacy of inhibition of signal transduction, proliferation, target protein degradation, and drug delivery. In addition to technical expertise, this position also requires leadership capacities. Our Cancer Biologist will also serve as both a mentor for our Associate Researchers, as well a mediator between the researchers and the Research Director. As a core member of the research team, you will facilitate communication between our researchers, encourage innovative and productive exchange of ideas, and promote expansion of Orum’s external network with technical partners.


    As our Cancer Biologist, you will be expected to:

    • Lead targeted cancer-drug discovery programs, as well as propose projects for discovering new targets; Design, plan, execute, and analyze complex in vitro and in vivo assays to evaluate candidate antibodies;
    • Maintain an open channel of communication between the Research Director and Associate Scientists, and facilitate effective collaboration within the team;
    • Build a strong collaborative working relationship with a broad range of associates with varied disciplines and responsibilities;
    • Create a learning environment, open to suggestions and experimentation for improvement;
    • Actively engage in Orum’s interactive, team-oriented culture, interfacing with a variety of project teams;
    • Display, maintain, and lead effective R&D communications not just within the company but with external partners.
    • Manage therapeutically focused external collaborations (academic and industrial) as a subject matter expert in oncology;
    • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to work within a team environment;
    • Embrace the ideas and opinions of other team members, nurture innovation, and guide innovative ideas to realization.

    Requirements and Qualifications

    • A Master’s degree in relevant field with 5-10 years of industry experience, or a doctorate degree with 2-7 years of industry experience. Doctorate holders with 5-10 years of experience at a research institute are also eligible.
    • In-depth knowledge of cancer biology and anti-cancer drug discovery, and experience with mechanism study and efficacy study (in vitro and in vivo) for drug discovery.
    • Competency in designing and performing in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies , and in vitro assays involving cancer cell culture systems, flow cytometry, ELISA, western blot, immunoprecipitation, and fluorescent and/or confocal microscopy.
    • Research experience in antibody-based cancer therapy not necessary but preferred.

    Send your CV and cover letter to to apply. 

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    KASBP-Spring 에 갈 예정이니 궁금한 점은 뵙고 말씀 들릴 수 있습니다

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