[LG Chem / LG화학] 항암 신약 연구 중량급 리더 모집

  • July 02, 2024 11:57 PM
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    [We Transform Lives by Inspiring Sciences and Leading Innovation]

    LG화학 생명과학사업본부는 의약품의 개발부터 생산,판매까지의 전과정을 아우르는 국내 대표 FIPCO(Fully Integrated Pharma Company)로서, 국내 최초 미국 FDA 승인 신약 팩티브(항생제), 유트로핀(성장호르몬제), 유박스비(B형간염백신),제미글로(당뇨치료제) 등을 출시하며 국내 시장에서 꾸준히 성장해 왔습니다.

    이러한 기반을 바탕으로, LG화학 생명과학사업본부는 ‘항암신약 중심의 글로벌 제약사’로 도약하기 위해 적극적인 R&D 투자를 이어가고 있을 뿐 아니라, ‘23년 미국의 AVEO사 인수 등 총력을 기울이고 있습니다.

    글로벌 제약회사로 거듭나기 위한 LG화학의 여정에 함께 할 신약개발 연구 리더를 모십니다.

    1. 모집부문 : 항암신약 연구 중량급 리더

    2. 담당업무 : 항암 신약 후보물질 발굴/검증부터 중개연구까지 연구 전반을 관장

    3. 근무지 : 서울특별시 강서구 (마곡사이언스파크)

    4. 요구경험/역량 :

    - Global pharmaceutical/ biotech company에서 10 년 이상 근무한 Ph.D Biologist

    - 항암제 연구 및 개발 관련 Target Evaluation/Translational research 경험 보유하신 분

    - Chemist 또는 biologist으로 이루어진 신약 Project management 경험 5년 이상 보유하신 분

    - 신약 초기개발부터 성공적으로 clinical candidate 도출 경험 있는 분

    5. 직급/처우 : 개별 협의

    6. 지원방법 : 이력서(CV)를 하기 메일로 제출 (채용 완료시까지)

    ☞ 지원서 제출 및 문의처 : mjkoh@lgchem.com

    [We Transform Lives by Inspiring Sciences and Leading Innovation]

    The Life Sciences Company of LG Chem is a leading domestic FIPCO (Fully Integrated Pharma Company) that encompasses the entire process from drug development to production and sales.

    LG Chem has achieved steady growth in the Korean market by launching products such as Factive (the first FDA-approved antibiotic in Korea), Eutropin (growth hormone), Euvax B (hepatitis B vaccine), and Zemiglo (diabetes treatment).

    Building on this foundation, the Life Sciences Company of LG Chem is making substantial R&D investments to transform into a "global pharmaceutical company focused on oncology new drugs."

    In 2023, LG Chem further demonstrated its commitment by acquiring AVEO Oncology in the United States.

    We are seeking leaders in new drug development research to join us on LG Chem's journey to becoming a global pharmaceutical company.

    Please refer to the details below.

    1. Job title: Director of Target Discovery (Oncology area)

    2. Responsibilities: Director will have responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, the following

    - discover and validate new targets in oncology area

    - Identify drug candidates and manage the overall development in discovery/preclinical stages including translational medicine

    3. Location: LG Science Park, Seoul, Korea

    4. Qualification

    - Ph.D with at least 10 years of biotechnology or pharmaceutical drug development experience is required

    - Basic science and/or target evaluation and/or Translational research experience with a proven record of quality publication in the field of oncology is preferred

    - Chemist or Biologist with at least 5 years of experience in project management is preferred

    - Experience in developing clinical candidate from target discovery is preferred

    5. Application : Submit your resume(CV) via email to the address below (applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled).

    ☞ submission and Inquiries : mjkoh@lgchem.com

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