Invitation to Bio-Pharma Sourcing Events(GBPP 2018)

June 27, 2018 6:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

. 글로벌 의약품 수출상담회(GBPP 2018) 개요

  ㅇ 일시/장소: '18.9.13(목) 9:00-18:00 / 인천 송도컨벤시아 프리미어볼룸 C

  ㅇ 내용: 1:1 수출상담회            

      * 동 상담회는「2018 바이오 인천 포럼」과 연계개최 예정

  ㅇ 분야: 의약품, 바이오 분야 (의료기기는 금년 3월 수출상담회 기 개최로 유치대상에서 제외)

  ㅇ 규모: 해외바이어 50개사, 국내기업 100개사

   ㅇ 프로그램 (9.13일)




 9:30 - 10:00


프리미어볼룸 A,B

10:00 - 18:00

1:1 수출상담회

프리미어볼룸 C


바이어 인센티브

   ① 항공임 지원

       - (이코노미 항공료의  50% 지원로 MAX. $1,100까지 지원. 예. 항공료가 $2,000이면 $1,000 지원드림)           

    숙박비 지원 : 1개사 1 원칙최대 2 지원(9.12~9.14)

         * 숙소 : 쉐라톤 그랜드 인천 호텔


 Invitation to Bio-Pharma Sourcing Events (GBPP 2018) 

On behalf of  Incheon City and Kotra HQ, the GBPP Organizer,  it is our privilege to invite you to the fall business matchmaking events that focus on Bio and Pharma items.  It is our goal to invite world-leading companies to the following events in order to forge stronger bonds between Korean companies and global buyers like you.  Each event will present superb opportunities for all attendees to meet new business partners.  We will arrange the meeting with Korean companies you want to meet at the Event.  Also please refer to below incentives which Incheon City  & KOTRA serve for your convenience.



   Date : 9.13, 2018

 Venue:  Song-do Convensia (Premier Ballroom C)

 Products: Bio & Pharma related items


**• Support for buyers attending GBPP 2018:

-If Kotra HQ approves your attendance, Kotra provides *

1) Airfare (50% Economy class only upto $1,100.  Ex. Airfare $2,000-àreimburse $1,000)       

2) 2 nights hotel( check in 9/12, check out 9/14)                    3)interpretation

* You must participate business meetings on 9/13 full day)


 KOTRA is always here to support your company in initiating and continuing the best business relationships with Korean companies.  For detailed show information & registration,  please  call  at Bryan Cho(212-826-0900 ext. 255   or  email with   I hope you will take this great opportunity to meet with the finest manufacturers in Korea!

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