Sponsor Levels

Sponsor Level





Sponsorship amount (US $)

< $5,000

$ 5,000 


≥ $15,000

Co-hosting of symposium



Awarding fellowship to young scientist with sponsor name



Advertisement of sponsor  as a co-host of the symposium in mass media (newspaper)



Advertisement of sponsor in the symposium program (one-page size)



Free symposium registration and hotel fee (Limited up to 2 people)



Making a choice of presentation topic for symposium


Sponsor presentation during the symposium


Arrangement of meeting with consultant in US


Connection with technical expert in US


Arrangement of Job recruiting/Job interview during the symposium


Free set-up of the booth during symposium

Advertisement of sponsor logo in the symposium program

Posting of sponsor’s logo on KASBP website

Posting of sponsor’s Job opening on KASBP website

* Negotiable

- Interested in supporting KASBP? Please email us: directors@kasbp.org

- Updated on Jul. 26th, 2022

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